What makes our dogs and cats, itch, scratch and shed like crazy?

With skin less than half the thickness of our own, it’s no wonder that our pets are prone to dermatological problems for every reason under the sun. Typically, veterinarians classify these skin problems into 6 main categories.
1. Environment
2. Nutrition
3. Allergies
4. Fleas/Parasites
5. Neurogenic
6. Infection

Comparison between dog skin and human skin

Dog skin and human skin comparison

Understanding the main causes of skin problems in dogs and cats

1. Environment. Whether they’re digging away in the garden, rolling around in the front yard, or dutifully returning the tennis ball you threw on the beach, our furry friends are notoriously sensitive when it comes to all of the pollens, allergens and other irritants floating around out in the world.

So, what are your options in lieu of keeping them in a bubble?

Recommendation. Use the AvenaPro Soothing Spray as required, combined with the Natural Pet Shampoo every few weeks to provide sustained soothing relief and protection from itching, as well as nourish and hydrate the skin and coat to help reduce excessive shedding and dandruff.

2. Nutrition. With so many brands of dog food out there, it is no wonder that so many dogs and cats suffer from malnutrition. Many foods contain fillers such as corn as their main ingredient. While these foods may succeed in feeding their hunger, they can be seriously lacking in proper nutrition. Symptoms of malnutrition can present themselves in a number of ways including lethargy, itching due to poor immune system, a dry unhealthy coat, or excessive shedding.

Recommendation. We recommend investigating the ingredients in your pet food. One trick you can use is to make sure that the first ingredient on the label is meat (such as chicken, beef or lamb). This will help to ensure that your pet is getting the proper nutrients that they require. The AvenaPro Soothing Spray and Natural Shampoo will help kick start them in the right direction, helping them to overcome the itching, dryness, and dingy coat.

3. Allergies. As many of us are reminded in the Spring time, allergies can often sneak up on us when we least expect it. Allergies can present themselves in a number of different ways, making our dogs and cats awfully uncomfortable and quite helpless to deal with it in any other way but scratching. Itchy skin, itchy ears, hot spots, and excessive shedding, are all telltale signs of pet allergies. Unfortunately, finding the causes can be a challenge. Diet, pollens and other environmental allergens can all be potential sources of pet allergies.

Recommendation. Visit your veterinarian or local veterinary dermatologist to help you determine the root cause(s) of the allergies. Help relieve their discomfort and provide protection from potential environmental irritants safely, and without harsh chemicals or steroids with the AvenaPro grooming system (Pet Grooming System).

4. Fleas/Parasites. Often times, there is no way around it; at one point or another, your dog or cat will likely come across a group of parasites that will want to come along for the ride. They often make themselves present through intense itching and scratching, and can in some cases even lead to serious skin infections or other unpleasant diseases. Particularly, watch for scratching specifically in the head, neck or tail regions of your dog or cat, as these are common areas where fleas like to bite.

Recommendation. If you have suspicions that your pet’s discomfort might be caused by parasites, be sure to keep your house nice and clean, by vacuuming everywhere. Under couches, over couches, under pillows under carpets…everywhere. In order to take care of the fleas, there are a number of natural and homeopathic solutions available which can be taken topically or orally. The AvenaPro system will help to safely relieve your buddy’s discomfort, skin inflammation and hair loss and restore that long-lost healthy glow.

5. Neurogenic. Sometimes dogs and cats scratch for no apparent reason at all, other than they are experiencing itchiness. This is an unexplained phenomenon that can happen for many reasons unknown.

Recommendation. Common prescriptions for this kind of frequent itching and discomfort are often dips, steroids or other potentially harmful chemicals which may cause a loss of appetite, low energy, or hair loss among other adverse effects. The AvenaPro Soothing Spray and Natural Shampoo have clinically proven natural active ingredients to help relieve their discomfort, and restore a healthy skin and coat.

6. Infection. Skin infections often occur when the itching, and scratching has gone on unabated for too long. The pathway to skin disease looks something like this: Itching gives way to skin flakes and dander, and skin redness and inflammation. The skin inflammation leads to wounds, lesions and hair loss.

Recommendation. The AvenaPro Soothing Spray and Pet Shampoo is formulated to address these unpleasant symptoms expressed by an unhealthy skin and coat. Learn more about how you can put a stop to their discomfort here.


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